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Phonic Cards

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Fun activities for a snowy day!

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Newsletter Autumn Term 2 Information for Weeks 7 and 8

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Reception Class Newsletter

Autumn  Term 2 Information for Weeks 7 and 8

Dear Parents,

Next week we will be continuing with our Christmas theme. Please remember to send in a small, clean baked bean can with no rough edges, ready for making Christmas cakes. (Some parents have recommended the small ring pull can.)

As you may have heard, we had a mysterious visitor on Monday, who left big muddy footprints and magic dust all over the Reception classroom. The mystery was solved when we found a letter from Santa, reminding the children  to write to him with requests for presents. The children’s letters are on display in the classroom if any parents would like to look at them, before we send them off to the North Pole.

A letter containing the arrangements for the Christmas concert, plus the tickets, will be sent home on Tuesday evening. (The afternoon concert will be on Tuesday 18th December at 1.45; the evening performance will be on Wednesday 19th December at 6.00pm.)

Please ensure your child has their costume in school on Thursday, ready for our dress rehearsal, which has now been moved to Friday 14th December.

Our Christmas party will be on the last day of term – Thursday 20th December. The children may come in their own clothes on this day, but please ensure that they will be warm enough when playing out at lunch time. The children will have morning snack and dinner as usual, but we will also provide a drink, biscuit and crisps for their party food in the afternoon.

Could parents please look out for a pink cat/mouse umbrella, with ears, which Freya lost a couple of weeks ago.

We would appreciate your support with letter and number formation, which we are having a big push on across school. We will be post a grapheme and numeral of the week on each newsletter.



Numeral of the Week


Start on the green dot and finish on the red.

 Letter of the Week


Round the apple and down the leaf









Thank you for your continued support.

The Reception Class Team





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  Reception Class Newsletter

Autumn Term 2, Information for Week 6


Dear Parents and Carers,

As we next week will be the start of December, we will be truly getting into the Christmas spirit, focusing our activities all around this time of celebration. This will obviously run over the next few weeks too. We will be writing letters to Santa and will be working on pattern and written calculations within this theme.

One of our activities over the next few weeks will be for each child to make a small Christmas cake to bring home. To facilitate this we are asking each child to bring in one of the very small baked bean tins (serves one) to act as a small baking tin. The tin needs to be empty and to have had all of the sharp edges smoothed off for safety.

You should already have received a letter to let you know which part your child will be playing in the Christmas concert. If you have not had a letter, or you have any queries about the costumes required, then please speak to a member of staff in the Reception Unit. More details about times and tickets for the concert will follow next week in a separate letter to all of Key Stage 1.

Don’t forget, each Monday we will be opening the reading castle after school between 3.30 and 4pm so anyone who would like to browse round the books and classroom with their child would be very welcome. (Please meet your child at the usual time and wait until all the children have been dismissed for the day.)

We have had some requests for lists of children’s names for Christmas cards, which we are unfortunately unable to send out, however we are more than happy for children to use our writing area equipment to compile lists of friends during their continuous provision time.

All of the team would like to say a big thank you for your support with reading regularly with your children at home and taking the time to play the maths games. The children are making really good progress due to your partnership in their learning.


The Reception Class Team




Reception Class Newsletter Autumn Term 1 Week 4

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Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had another lovely week despite the weather! Below are a few reminders and information about the children’s learning that you may find helpful:

PE Kits

PE will be every Wednesday and that the children will need black shorts, a white T-shirt and pumps for this activity (many thanks if these have already been provided.) Could we please ask for your help with naming all items of clothing as matching up un-named items of uniform after PE can be a bit tricky!

Next Week

 Our topic focus next week will be around the Elmer storybook character, so if you have Elmer books at home or are planning on visiting the library it may be useful to share these with your child. One of our activities will in.volve creating an Elmer model from a milk carton, so we would appreciate it if each child could bring in an empty plastic milk  bottle for monday(1 Litre only please!)In the area of maths we will be working on recognising numerals and matching amounts to these, so try to point out numbers in the environment and count out amounts in everyday contexts, such as the number of plates for the table or counting apples into the shopping basket. We are hoping to join the Key Stage 1 pupils and staff for worship in the church on Monday and also for the harvest service on Friday, which we’re sure the children will tell you about.


 We very much value your support as parents and carers in partnership to support your child’s learning. In the area of reading, we ask that you continue to share the books sent home and work on supporting your child to learn the letter/word flashcards that accompany these. As an incentive for your child to read regularly, we will be giving each child a sticker chart to keep in their book bags and will be awarding a dip in the golden prize box when these are full. Please sign your child’s diary to show that they have read or worked on their flashcards. (You are also welcome to comment bur please don’t feel that this is necessary if you are short of time.) You will also be receiving a maths game once a fortnight to play with your child, but this will be explained in more detail in a separate letter. As part of our work on people and communities, we would like each child to bring in a copy of a photograph of a family occasion or event they have enjoyed. Please discuss the picture with your child, so that they can talk about it in class. (It would be useful if you could attach the photo to a piece of paper and make a few comments about the event, so that staff can ask appropriate questions.) This photograph will be entered into your child’s learning journey, which you will receive at the end of the year. We enjoy celebrating children’s achievements, so please let us know if your child has learnt a new skill (this can be something as simple as learning to fasten their own coat) or has been awarded a certificate from a club they attend. Parental comments about children’s development are encouraged to form a rounded picture of each child’s strengths within their learning journey records, so if you would like to contribute, you can simple write a note or you can download a comment sheet/certificate from our blog site to fill in. We will be giving ideas for skills to look out for and support within our weekly letters. This week we are asking you to support your child with fastening their own coat.

 Thank you for your continued support.

The Reception Class Team


Welcome to our Reception Class.

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We wish all our new children and parents a warm welcome to our classroom and school. We hope you have a great time with us.